The Sari Project

I grew up in the famous city called Bombay in India till my late teens. I was the girl who was the most happiest and comfortable in her pair of jeans and a T-shirt. If there were any Indian festivals where I was forced to wear a salwar suit; I would dread being in that! Like how does one even comfortable in something so closed and full and tight?? Wearing or rather draping a sari is an entirely different topic. Fast forward 18 years and I to date don’t wear salwars that often and don’t know how to wear a sari. I do ocaasionally however try and wear it for a festival here and there to 'try and fit in' with the cultural norms. However, with age and probably the fact of leaving India somewhere in my teens, I have come to appreciate the colors, the elegance, the beauty that comes with it. The bindi that goes on the forehead of an Indian woman whether for tradition or for style adds to the culture that even now in my 30's I am still learning more about my roots. 

I admire the women who carry the sari comfortably with grace and elegance. And let me tell you that it's not easy to drape yourself in one and carry it around gracefully. How many different ways are there to drape a sari? How can you accessorize? Or do you need to? How many different types of saris are there? 

The sari project is a personal project of mine where I would like to highlight the intricacies of the beautiful attire and how some women carry it elegantly. 

Saree project


If you would like to be a part of this project, please get in touch with me via the contact form below. 


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NOTE - You can be of any ethnicity as long as you know how to wear a sari and carry it around for 1-2 hours during the session. I will respond back to you if you are selected for this project. You will receive 5 edited digital images at no cost for your time and talent. Other restrictions apply. You will need to sign a model release and a session agreement. You will also agree to publicize the session, the story and images through your social networks which include but not limited to - Personal FB page/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram etc. You will also be open to my artistic and creative interpretation.