Finding beauty from within

Press Release 01-18-17

Local Photographer Joins National Search for America’s Beautiful Mothers

As part of Beauty Revived, a photography movement, Jyotsna (Jyo) Bhamidipati is asking for nominations for beautiful mothers in Sacramento and surrounding areas to be featured in a national magazine.

The beauty of these women will not be measured by their waist size or flare for fashion.  No, these women will be chosen because of their real beauty, their courage and their countenance.  The winner will be given a free photo session with Making beautiful memories Photography and a feature in the Mother’s Day issue of Beauty Revived magazine.

Beauty Revived is a movement that celebrates women with real beauty.  Photographers donate sessions to these women and their stories are featured in their magazine and website: www.beautyrevived.com.

Hundreds of photographers applied to be a part of the Beauty Revived 50 Beautiful Mothers campaign and Jyo of Making beautiful memories Photography was chosen to find a deserving mother to photograph.

“As a photographer and a mom, I have constantly looked for ways to document more on motherhood. Moms helping out moms without being judgmental, a fellow mompreneur or anything that highlighting a fellow Mom who brings in positivity. . Beauty to me is not about your appearance, but to honestly connect with people from within and be an inspiration for the people around you. Being a photographer, I am always looking for ways to feature such amazing moms and give the gift of memories. It is truly an honor to be involved in a campaign that is close and dear to me." - Jyo from Making beautiful memories Photography.

Courtney says, “If you want to continue your passions and anything you want to do in life, you don’t have to stop that after becoming a Mom.” This is something that I wish each woman learns about herself.

To read more about the chosen mom for Beauty Revived 2017 - Beautiful mothers campaign; read here - "Meet Courtney, She's Beauty Revived."