"Let me love you a little more before you are not little anymore!"

MAKING BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is now offering maternity/newborn combination sessions as well as 'watch me grow' packages. The moment you first find out you will be a parent is exciting. Document these moments. The time your belly starts to grow big, your baby's first kick - these are the moments that would take you down the memory lane years from now. Being a Mom myself, I understand the importance of capturing these moments and helping you create those memories. 

Newborn sessions are a mix of lifestyle and a few poses (examples include using a basket, a blanket etc). My approach to these sessions is very hybrid. These sessions will be in house at your home. It will be about documenting your baby's arrival, his/her first bath, the nursery (if she/he has one), the tiny feet, toes, the yawn and everything you will want to look back and see how little they really were. 




Best time to schedule your maternity session.

The best time to schedule your maternity session is between 28 weeks to 36/37 weeks. This ensures you are feeling good, belly is showing as well as your due date is not around the corner. 

Can I choose between indoor and outdoor sessions?

Absolutely! A lot of moms prefer outdoors as a natural choice for their maternity session. But if you prefer a natural, clean and a bright as well as a  moody look for your photographs; you can certainly choose an indoor maternity session. Outdoor maternity sessions will be at a local park or a lake and preferable scheduled during the golden hour (1 hour before the sunrise/sunset).

What should you expect during your maternity session.

Expect a beautiful session with plenty of laughs and giggles. Expect holding your belly and feeling the kicks. Expect time away from the everyday tasks you have, all the stress and simply be. 

I provide maternity long dresses for your session, unless you prefer to wear your own. An add-on make-up and hair option (as a separate charge) is available for these sessions to ensure you look and feel the best during your session. 

I do not want my belly showing in images. I like my belly showing in images.

Entirely your preference. The most important goal is to ensure your (mom's) comfort and preference. 

Anything I need to bring for my maternity session?

I provide maternity dresses from my studio wardrobe (at NO COST!) which you can try out after booking your session, a few days to a week prior.  If you do not want to use these, you are welcome to wear your own. If make-up/hair add-on is requested, these will be a few hours prior to your session. As me and I will provide recommendations of a couple of make up artists I love working with. I provide flower crowns for use during your session as well if you would like. Couple of items I ask moms to bring for their session are - baby shoes, socks, teddy bears, anything else that is close to them such as a baby shower gift, blanket or anything they would like to use for their session and incorporate if they would like! 

"Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart."



Where is the session held? 

Typically indoors at your home.

Do I need to clean my house? 

Although, tidying up your house a bit is not a bad idea; it does not have to be squeaky clean. Having a newborn in the house along with siblings if any is bound to keep you as parents exhausted through the day. Just know that, your house does not have to be perfect. It is documenting your new chapter in your surrounding than presenting a 'clean' house to an audience. 

What do I need to bring or keep out for the session?

Nothing much really. The goal is to photograph your baby in the environment he is comfortable in. This could be his/her playpack, crib, or even your own bed if you prefer co-sleeping. Documenting your baby's tiny toes, feet, hands, eyelashes, snuggles, bath time, diaper changes, hugs and kisses, bond between siblings in what would be focused on. If you have any baby blanket you would like to use, scarfs, hats, change of outfits, beanies, socks or anything you want to include in your newborn session that is of significance to you. 

When is the best time to schedule a newborn session? Can I wait to contact you after my baby is born?

The best time to schedule your newborn lifestyle session is within 4 weeks of your delivery. But of course you can schedule something within a few weeks (6-10 weeks) as well if things did not quite work out within the first 1 month. It is always best to contact as soon as you know you want a newborn session to ensure availability. Please note that I offer a great combination package when you schedule your maternity and newborn session at the same time. 


Watch your baby grow during their first year. Document every little detail.


Starting Jan 2017, I am now offering 'Watch me grow packages. These are to document your baby's first year at regular intervals. You would receive a complimentary 30 min (indoor or outdoor) maternity session. Sessions include parents and siblings. They can be scheduled in advance to document - maternity, newborn, 6 months and 1 year celebration highlights. The 1 year session can be a cake smash (cake provided through a local vendor I collaborate with) or a 1 hour birthday event/session coverage.

You would also receive 8 x 10 prints of your favorite image from each session and free 4 x 6's of all your images. You would also receive a 20 page hardcover album with all your favorite images you pick from your sessions. You will receive a complete online digital gallery of your images as well.

Book this 'Watch me grow' package before Dec 25th 2017 and receive a $100 OFF this package.

If you are ready to book your session or need more information, please click the button below.