Information and general faq's. 

Thank you for considering Making beautiful memories Photography for your next session or wedding. I have compiled a bunch of various questions that I get asked often and hence included them here for more information. Anything not covered here, just ask!

What do your sessions include?

A session with me is a session you will treasure! I know it sounds so cliche...but I am here to make your experience a fun one and a memorable one. Most of the families who hire me, end up becoming friends! My main goal is to ensure you have a fun time on the day of your session. Be prepared for lots of cuddles, hugs, kisses, smiles and maybe some dancing as well. Sessions with me include a pre-planning phase (either through a phone call or email), my time during the shoot (45 min-1 hr), post processing all your very best images that would represent the unique you. Prints are available upon request for an additional charge. Within 2-3 weeks of your session, you will receive an email with a link to your complete online gallery for download (quantity of images released depends on which session is booked). Please note that retouching includes only color correction, enchancing the image and improving the overall appearance of the image. I do not alter the images extensively.


Do you provide any props as part of your session? 

The answer is a yes and a no. I most typically provide very few props including maybe a chalkboard and a few flower crowns for little girls. I encourage families to bring a few of their own especially for children who are younger than 5. Some of these would include - their favorite toy, bubbles, flowers, a teddy bear, hot wheels or anything that can keep your child engaged, occupied and personal. Other than that, your session will be very organic with only a few poses and the rest of the time would be about having fun and capturing those cuddles and kisses!


Can I change outfits? An what should I wear?

You can def change outfits (limit to 2 max please) to your little ones 5 and below for a family session. Seniors can change up to 3 outfits during the 1-1.5 hrs of their session. No change of outfits for adults during a session please.


Regarding what to wear, you can wear anything you like! It is your session and I want you to be absolutely comfortable in your outfit. 

I only ask to not wear anything that is overly bright such as neon colors, or something that has too many stripes. Those outfits generally can take away the focus from you to the outfits. I also provide outfits for moms from my client closet. See here for additional information on what to wear for your sessions. 


Will you teach me how to pose? My husband hates the camera! My kids will not cooperate.

My style of photography is about capturing the moments that happen within your family. Lifestyle photography is about directing you on how to be as natural as you can while still posing you to some extent. You maybe facing the camera in some shots and in some away from the camera. There's no practice required or the need for you to be camera shy. It's about being just you. The unique you. 


Can I bring in some pinterest poses to my session?

I do love 'pinterest' poses as well. However, please note - while it is okay to recreate something, my take is to create something different and out of the ordinary without imitation. Get those 'perfectly posed poses' out of the way first and then comes..the real moments you will want to treasure. Those unposed and candid shots. A mom adjusting her son's hair during a session, a dad running after his baby girl so that she can stay still...those are the genuine emotions I try and go after. 


But I only need a few photos? Not all of them. 

Imagine going to your pharmacy and asking for 5 pills from a bottle and not having to purchase the entire bottle or prescription, because you only need 5 pills. In a similar sense, please note that photography is simply not just a click of a button. For every session I photograph, I pour my heart and soul in creating something that represents the unique you. Your session includes not just the time photographing you, but the time spent includes emails and correspondence in ensuring all your questions are answered, assistance in planning your session and outfits,  my time with you during the shoot, my editing time retouching every image and finding the perfect ones for you and sending your gallery back. Hence note that each package is carefully designed to ensure it meets affordability as well as standard pricing range. That being said, I do offer mini sessions 2-3 times a year that consist of only a 'few photos', Please ensure you are subscribed to the mailing list below to be updated on those specials and when they are announced. 


Any referral discounts or any other discounts? Are the prices negotiable? 

All repeat families receive 10% off on their full sessions. All families referred by someone receive a $10 OFF on their full session (with the referral family having had a session in the past 6 months). Family sessions include a family of 5 (3 kids). Pets are welcome and are $10 additional per pet. Each additional person beyond 2 families (4 adults and 5 kids) is $15 per person. Any other specials, pricing or discounts offered are noted under the special tab under contact. All prices are non-negotiable please.


How do I know if I want an indoor or an outdoor session? 

That depends. I offer a choice between indoor and outdoor sessions for my families and maternity clients. Newborn sessions are always indoors. If you really want the kids to explore the outdoors, be themselves outside or have a particular park, beach, lake or activity in mind you wanted your images to be focused on; I would recommend an outdoor session. If you are looking to have cuddles and snuggles documented, kids running the house and just being themselves documented, or the thought of 'what to wear', and getting ready for an outdoor session stresses you out, you should consider an indoor lifestyle session. It is the perfect balance between documenting 'the details' and finding the beauty in your everyday.


Are there any Military discounts?

For those in the military, army or navy - please let me know when you book your session and receive a 10% discount on all sessions. 


So, how do I book a session with you?

If you are convinced that you want to hire me for your next session, go ahead and send me a message here and I will try and get to you within 48 hours. Please note that all sessions starting Jan 2017, now require a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. Please note that I do also travel outside Sacramento as well; however there is a travel fee of 50c/mile for anything 20 miles and above of 95630.