"Love of a family is life's greatest blessing.Freeze those moments through photos."


Motherhood Sessions 

Lifestyle | Fine Art

Lifestyle AND Fine Art Motherhood Sessions

Authentic | Emotive | Natural

Twice a year I offer Motherhood sessions that focus on love, emotions and connection between the mother and her babies. These are lifestyle and a mix of fine art. The first one, Lifestyle Motherhood sessions would typically be in March/April focusing on capturing moments outdoors within the nature - Lifestyle, meaning organic moments with use of some props if required. 

The second series would typically be fine art focusing on the more intimate moments between the Mom and her babies - could be indoors at your home or outdoors. For this kind of a session you can expect details, lots of hand holding and kisses, raw emotions and emotive imagery mainly in black/white and soul connections. These sessions are held in the later part of the year.

Contact me for a special pricing on both these sessions. 



Emotive | Fun and Engaging 

Because Dads are awesome! Very often, we focus on the connections between a mother and her babies. Dads are equally important and at every session, I ensure each dad gets quality time with his babies documented. These could be lifestyle at a park; or a very casual Daddy and me mini session. I offer these throughout the year mainly to encourage dads to get behind the camera as well and document their smiles and engagement with their babies.


These sessions are only for the Dad and his kids. Email me or contact me for information on special pricing and booking.