Tired of blurry images from your cellphone? Want to photograph your kids better for memory keeping? Want to document and photograph your child's twirling dance but every image you take is out of focus and dark? Want to learn how to photograph under low light conditions in your own house? How to use that window light? Want to create a scrapbook for your kids with decent images?

That is exactly what my course would cover. Small in person (limited to 8 people per class) 1.5-2 hour classes with easy to understand language and very minimal technical jargon and charts. Handouts will be provided at each class. Email support and/or access to private FB group to answer any questions available for until 3 months after each class. You need to have a camera (point and shoot or DSLR) to bring along with you to the class. (Scroll all the way through to read about your instructor).

Click here for some additional tips on photographing your everyday life published at The Digital Photography school as a guest author.




Part I - Learning Manual exposure 

The first part covers the basics of your camera. We will also cover basics of composition, how to make your image stand out and not like a snapshot and basics on lighting.

Learning objectives include -

1. Learning the dials and the different buttons on your camera and what they do without overwhelming yourself.

2. What the different modes mean - Aperture priority, Manual, Auto etc and which one to choose when.

2. Shooting in manual. Jpeg vs raw and what's better AND WHY.

3. Exposure triangle basics - ISO, shutter speed and Fstop - What do they all mean? And why it is so important to understand their relation and how to manipulate the settings to use them effectively in your images. 

4. Which camera to buy or lenses to get if you just want to take decent pictures of your kids or nature. My review on what worked for me on a budget.

5. Intro to the basics of composition and discuss a few 'rules' including composition.

6. You will receive notes and some handouts to help understand certain concepts.




First class date - Saturday, March 4th 2018 2.30 pm -4.30 pm

1. Each class will be limited to 8 people for more focused learning. 

2. By the end of this class, you should be comfortable understanding what different dials do on your camera and shooting in manual/aperture priority mode. 

Classes will be available for purchase at a discounted rate till Feb 1st 2018. Note - If the class dates do not work for you; individual one on one class available as well. Please email me for a separate private instruction pricing. 

Note - Classes will be held at an outdoor location and will be given to those who sign up. 

Part II - Nature Photography

Part II of the course would be all about nature photography. My interest in nature photography is mainly macros and still life. So we will discuss on how to enhance our macros and what works and doesn't. If you have an interest in landscapes, you might be able to benefit as well from the basics.

Learning objectives include -

1. Understanding what macro photography is about. 

2. Finding composition and light for macros. 

Pre-requisites - Must understand your camera fully and comfortable shooting manual. A good pair of extension tubes might be worthwhile as well. 

Coming April 2018!




Learn how to capture creative and emotive macro art!

Part Iii - A little touch-up to your photos is like make-up

Part III of the course would be all about the basics of Lightroom for photo editing. Learn to create your own presets for faster editing.

Learning objectives include -

1. Histogram and what it is. Shadows and highlights. Over-exposure and underexposure of images and when to use them and not use.

2. Basics of editing tools in Lightroom. 

Must have Lightroom installed on your laptop. 

Registration not open yet. Coming summer 2018!

Finar edit for CM.JPG


Additional Notes - 

These workshops will start in March 2018 and pre-registration will become available in Jan before the workshop opens. Cost to be announced. Bring your own DSLR with a manual (any model is fine, although I am a canon user). Working knowledge of Parts I is required to register for Part IV. 

Note - The location for these classes are TBC. Refer a friend and you and your friend receives $20 off any class each.  


Send an email to for additional questions. 



Jyo is an Award winning, Featured and an internationally Published Artist based out in Sacramento area. She is an electrical engineer by trade and has a Masters degree in Architectural Eng with a focus in lighting from Penn State University. Her love for photography had started during her teens while growing up in Mumbai, India. Her interest and passion in highlighting simple moments of life, the delicate details of beauty around us only grew further and she decided to continue working on this hobby more seriously. She is in business part-time and her photography is all about love, connection and emotional storytelling. She also has a special love for nature, still life photography and hoping to teach a workshop solely for nature enthusiasts one day. 

She is also very well known in the photography community, a member, click pro and a blog contributor of Clickin moms (an organization devoted to learning for female photographers). Her work has been featured in numerous platforms including in digital publications as well as in print (Nov/Dec 2017 issue Click magazine available at Barnes and Nobles).