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Summer just flew by really quick right? Well, we had a really busy summer here. Lots of family visiting, our trip with our littlest to Hawaii, parents visiting, local trips kept us busy! The kids are all now back to school and secretly I am happy here to get back my routine!

And something that kept me occupied amongst all family time was working on my upcoming Clickin Moms breakout! It is my first solo course through Clickin Moms and I am extremely excited to announce that it is now available for pre-orders! I have really put in everything in this! This course is packed with TONS of information on what mood really means, how to work with a vision through observation and to see our final product come through. This course is for every photographer who craves and strives to be an artist. It is all about embracing the imperfectionist in you and creating work that speaks from within, fuels a spark in you and in your viewer. This is for that artist who wants to work on personal projects and wants to balance personal and client work. This course if for that artist who loves rich, bold colors and tones and wants to learn more about incorporating color in their work! The main PDF itself is 150 plus pages long!! And, I have also included a bonus PDF on my self portrait guide, a two part guide that includes my tips on self portraits of motherhood as well as exploring the creative side of self portraiture as a form of art and experimenting with your vision. I have also included 5 shooting videos with narration, 3 editing videos and 2 bonus editing videos only available during the live run!! The live run begins Sept 18th and goes through Oct 3rd after which the forum closes. During the live run, is when you get the opportunity to interact with me, ask any questions on the guide, work through the exercises in the PDF and post your own work for critique. It is a lot of fun and a great learning experience!! And all of this is only $25 when purchased now before the price goes up to $35 when in store! 

And here is a short promo on my upcoming course! Enjoy and I hope you've pre-ordered it in! See you on Sept 18th when it goes live in the forum!

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