Traveling dress collective

Hello everyone..I'm still here..yes! still blog was on vacation for a while..but hoping to slowly get it back on blog at a time. Thank you as always for following along!

Over the last 7 months, I had an amazing opportunity to lead (yes lead..I never imagined I would do this but I did!) and participate in a wonderful collaboration between 9 artists from 4 countries. USA, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. We are mothers, artists with a deep passion for photography and our own reasoning on why we wanted to participate in this project. 

For me, it was simple. I really wanted something creative, something that fueled my passion back again, something which didn't have boundaries on what I can or cannot create. I wanted to highlight elegance, feminism, beauty and strength through these images and just let myself create...

Our project was published with the traveling dress collective and we are so proud! Please follow the circle and see what others have done! You can also view our published blog here. 

Happy viewing!