Marching away from March onto April

March was a really good month for me. Now I hate to be all braggy; but I have put ton of hard work in this over the past one year and seeing these milestones happen is such a beautiful news for me! Lots of exciting things have happened in the past few weeks and I could not be more thrilled.! Coming back to the news I have been wanting to share -(a couple actually!).

1. Dear Photographer Print Publication - I will be published in the Print version of the latest Dear Photographer magazine with an editorial piece of mine on the topic, 'Diversity in Art'. This was probably one of the most difficult topics to write about and something that I believe we all need to see and read more in mainstream photography industry. When the magazine is available for pre-sale; I will be coming back to my page to post a link. So make sure to grab a copy!

2. Offset - I am so excited to announce that I am now finally an offset artist. I have been trying to get into offset for quite some time now and this was such a pleasant news. If you are a local client and would like to be involved in an editorial shoot (will require model releases etc); please email me here. 

3. Dear Photographer showcase - I have one image of mine that will be displayed in the Dear Photographer collective showcase! This has probably been the highlight of my year! Click here to see which image it is. 

4. Clickin Moms Mentor - Yess! I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I am now officially a clickin moms mentor! This is such a prestigious position within the CM community and I couldn't be more thrilled. As a mentor, some of my responsibilities include reviewing portfolios, sharing tutorials, offering photo critiques and offering suggestions/and writing for the CM blog. Click here to see the official team page!

Thank you for all the support on my work, following along on my journey so far...As an artist, seeing your work in print, digital - any form - anywhere and being appreciated is a wonderful feeling and an accomplishment. March was good. Here's wishing April is equally good!

** This post is part of a blog circle comprised of talented photographers across the world. Please click here to follow the journey of the next artist - Tara Fletcher.

Marching away from March unto April