My ten favorite images of 2018 - Part I

This year really just flew by. I mean, maybe we say that about every month, year..but 2018 for me has been a great year. Well; there have been downs and disappointments along with those ups too; but that’s just how life is right? Making lemonade from lemons?!!

This year; I forced myself to do MORE. To get out of my shell and CHALLENGE myself. To not be AFRAID to try. To reach out to people if I needed help. To APPRECIATE what I have (I am still work in progress in that department!). Photographically speaking; it was a fun and a lovely year for me. Here is a bit of a recap.

Late last year 2017, I had a baby (Oct 2017). And it was almost 3 months I had not picked up my camera. I had just made it as a click pro (in Aug 2017). I was feeling lost and didn’t know what to focus on come Jan. However; I got into the habit of shooting daily (thanks to prepping my clickpro portfolio) and that made a HUGE difference. I picked up my camera almost daily (without putting myself through any pressure) and kept creating. I started being a part of the P52RADNESS group for self portraiture and man - it changed me, my life! Thanks to the very lovely Adri who manages the group. I found a new voice. A new way to express and create and experiment with my vision.

This year; (if you go back to this blog post you’ll find my goals I had set for 2018); I failed most of my goals except for one - My 52 week self portrait project. And it was an important one at that for me. I will write about this a bit more in Part -II, so stay tuned as it deserves its own separate post.

Feb - March were beautiful months for me. I was selected as a Clickin moms mentor and invited to be a part of their team and provide guidance on the CM forum and otherwise represent the CM community. This was probably the highlight of my year! I am still pinching myself as I write this year! A HUGE THANK YOU to the Clickin moms community for the inspiration, guidance and the opportunity to give back!!

Spring and summer months flew by. I had a breakout proposal accepted and I was asked to teach. I repeat TO TEACH. I was a nervous wreck. Yep! I was incredibly excited but nervous. The writing took most of my summer away from me. Well; we did have our planned summer vacations with family including Hawaii, Minneapolis and a beach trip in Southern Cali.

Fall - Ohh boy!! My client work kept me buried almost week after week (so so thankful for my clients for trusting me and my work and all the lovely feedback!!). My course had gone live and I was AMAZED to all the excitement surrounding it, the feedback, the reviews, how it made a difference in their shooting, in their lives - I was in tears! When you pour your soul into something you believe in and see the support - it moved me! I am still so honored to see all people who even now approach me thanking for the course and the bonus guide (on self portraiture), the editing videos - all of that! (And here is a link to my breakout course - Click Photo School Breakout)

2018 was good to me. I was published multiple times in Click magazine in print, Dear Photographer magazine in print. I was also invited to teach at Click Away 2019. I mean; what??? You mean me? That was my reaction, initially! I am here again still surprised I was invited to teach; in person! I cannot wait to attend Click Away here in my very own California; and hug my fellow CM members I have know a few years now. This still feels all like a dream!

But they were also disappointments. Although, they sting; I choose to move past the disappointments not let them dwell and be THANKFUL. GRATEFUL for the opportunities that came my way. I was terrified to put myself out there this year (I am an INFP Personality type lol!). But I did it :)

Look for Part -II of this post coming in two weeks. It required a special separate post!

Here’s some of my favorite ten images from this year Not Instagram or Facebook favorites, but mine that may or may not have gotten the same recognition as the social media favorites! Choosing ten was really hard for me. I was proud of everything I created this year and how do I choose just ten??

Which one is your favorite? I would love to know!

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