10 on 10

2018 is a year of making things happen. Working on various projects for self growth. I am BIG on light and shadows in my work and working on some amazing projects for growth and creativity is exactly what I needed at this point of my photography career. 

This year I am challenging myself to a few different p52 projects. You shoot weekly or as much as you can. Sounds reasonable right? Couple of projects I am working on are p52 for still life, p52 for personal lifestyle and p52 for get in the frame. I am very much excited about all the three projects..however, what I am excited about the most (as it is something that I have not done before) is the p52 for still life and p52 for get in the frame. The first one is something where I am managing a group and moderating a hub, so I know that it will be pretty involved...I love photographing my kids most of the time, but these two other projects remind me that I am someone outside/besides being a mother chasing my kids as well. I find most of inspiration in what I shoot from my everyday scenes around me. The wilted flower, the last light coming in, droplets of water on a booming bud - all of it surrounds us and reminds us that there is so much beauty in the ordinary waiting to be captured! 

The other project I am pretty excited about is getting in the frame. I may not practically be able to do a p52 (with kids and two jobs!), but my goal is to get in the frame as much as I can (without limiting myself to a number). It maybe 5, 10 or even all 52 if I pull it off! It could be with my kids or without! Anything goes. Now self portraits is something that is extremely challenging to me as like most other photographers or moms I am pretty camera shy! I have forever hid behind the camera or my kids, trying to hide any imperfections "I" notice!

This year, I am hoping as much as I can to embrace positivity, to see the glass half full, to work my goals whole heartedly without the feeling that I am being judged!

What are your goals for this year? Have you written them down? I would love to hear!

** This is a blog circle comprising of some lovely and talented photographers who are participating this year. Please follow the circle and support the artist and see what they have to share. Next up is the amazing and talented Chelsea Furlong **

If you would like to be a part of the p52_still life group, see here for the FB group and here for the IG hub!

For Jan 2018, below are some highlights from my p52 projects this year!