Embracing the inner artist in me, my journey to click pro and goals

I recently attended my first meetup with a local group called 'Tuesdays Together' in Sacramento. It's a group where all 'creatives' get together to discuss things that affect all creatives - from business planning to social media to taking creative risks. This month, the topic was about taking creative risks. 

Now, I felt very awkward to be a part of a group where so much 'creative and artistic' talent existed - wedding photographers, calligraphers, florists, bakers etc....I went about calling myself an artist since the start of my photography career not entirely sure what that even means or how is it even applicable to someone like me... The word almost frightened me for the longest time...trying to understand the correlation between a photographer and an artist.

An artist is a person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art. 

I never knew I had any 'creative' bone in me growing up. I mean I loved photographs and all things 'pretty' in pictures and looking back at those memory books and photo albums my parents preserved for us. Even if they were snapshots they had a special place in my heart since that's our history of growing up. But were they art? 

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Fast forward to when I started my photography journey roughly 2 years ago. Like really seriously had the desire to start photographing things around me. Objects around me. The desire to learn. Patiently observe. To create. To learn and experiment. To not be afraid of failing. Or be afraid of failing but doing it anyway because the desire to 'create art' was more than that fear of failing or not being appreciated. 

Recently I have learned to embrace the word 'artist'. I realized it is applicable to any genre of photography - doesn't have to be just nature or abstract art. You can create art with people in it too. It's because; you've created that piece of photograph, which is a visual medium that can be appreciated for it's beauty.

Ahha...and that's the real meaning of an artist. A photograph is just a simple medium to express, visually narrate or share the piece of art 'which can be appreciated for its beauty'. 

And, so there started my journey embracing myself as an artist.

Once this realization sinked in; I explored various platforms that encouraged photographers as artists to learn and grow further. Clickin moms is one such platform I came across roughly a year ago. With that; I got introduced to CMPRO (Also known as Click pro) It became a personal goal of mine to achieve this status. Why? More so a personal validation than anything. Now that I have embraced that inner artist me; am I really good? Or am I just good enough though for people to say, "Hey Jyo, you are fabulous; I love your work". But really do I love my own work? 

This is what Clickin moms describes click pro as - "Click Pro is a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists." The caliber of work displayed on Click Pro Daily project is extraordinary. To become a click pro; one needs to have a well curated portfolio of 150 images depicting a variety in the use of light, composition, good color balance, technical perfection and creativity in images.”

Becoming a click pro certainly felt like a validation for myself that I am an artist too and that my work is appreciated by this ‘elite group’ where there are amazing artists whose work I have adored for many months now. Sure, this is just one such organization that collectively brings various female photographers together to network and share ideas and there are many others out there. 

But what comes after this?

To me, embracing the word - Artist. I don’t hesitate calling myself an artist anymore, who’s medium is photos and also that sometimes maybe my art is not understood by all; which is OKAY.  

As with what comes next in this side of my career; my goal is continue working on my art. Working on my skills to improvise further. Maybe even take a few art classes to understand the history, the why and be able to express my vision further. Maybe learn working with film. Maybe even teach in the future and be more involved with this amazing Clickin moms community or other communities too. The possibilities are definitely infinite only if I keep growing….while staying true to myself!


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