4 on 4 for June

Recently I joined a group of talented women from clickin moms to document 4 images highlighting my month on the 4th of each month. This year I also started and quit my 365 by March (Why I think a 365 is not for me is a topic and a blog post for another day!); but also started my 100 days of summer project which is more manageable based on my everyday life. To follow my journey on 'Everyday life with my 100 days of summer' project, please follow me on Instagram.

With summer comes lots of outdoor time, pool time and basically all the things you 'talk' about doing with the kids throughout the winter and finally get to do them in summer. Last month, I took my 5 year old to the nearest strawberry patch for some strawberry picking. Now, he is an extremely picky eater and strawberries are something he doesn't eat. And I know it feels like, how can a kid not like strawberries! Then after chatting with him about going strawberry picking which he didn't really want to go, he came up with the idea of making chocolate dipped strawberries at home and I immediately said yes! :) Of course the added benefit of going with a buddy helped the convincing part! At least that way, I could get him to enjoy the picking part of it as well as we could work together on creating something he liked to eat and would eat strawberries as well with the chocolate! So a win win for me and him! Maybe this should be our summer tradition hereon. 

Do you have a summer tradition with your kids? What does that involve? I would love to hear about it! Feel free to comment on the post below. 

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Strawberry Picking highlights

The making of chocolate dipped strawberries-highlights

And then came the chocolate dipped strawberries making part. This is something he knew exactly what to do and how he wanted them to look like and taste like. And ofcourse, there was some chocolate licking while dipping as well..but who cares as long as he was having fun in the process!