Travels through Europe

Roughly 1 year ago this time; we were traveling through Europe - France and Italy; exploring new territories. It was my first time traveling to those countries and they certainly did not disappoint! Our travels took us to Paris, Rome, Venice, Pisa and Florence. We mostly covered the cityscape and did not venture out to vineyards and the countryside. 

Now, if you got a chance to read my 'About me' page, you'll know that I love travel and have secretly dreamt of being in the travel industry doing something or anything related to travel - Be a travel journalist (maybe such a job exists?), travel explorer, travel photographer - or something where I can get paid to travel and explore new continents! Definitely, my dream job! 

Below are a few collection of images from my travels from last year to those fabulous locations.  Also, make sure to check out my previous blog post on the 'Streets of Paris in black and white'

And if you are planning a trip to these places; I must add - You will eat a lot of yummy fresh pasta, develop an addiction for all things pesto and you may pick up a little bit of Italian slang! 

Have you traveled anywhere fun recently? Do you love exploring photography while traveling? If so, please share your experiences!! I am always up to listen to travel stories!

A few from Rome, Florence and Pisa as well.