Some tips on outfits selections for your Fall sessions

For families, individuals and couples that are preparing for their fall photo sessions this year (with me or with anyone else for that matter!); I have some tips on outfit selections for this Fall from my very first guest writer - Sydnie. 

Sydnie has created a community of style and fashion at Sincerely Sydnie and has numerous blogs on her page on some fashion, style and outfit tips for all! Make sure to check out her page as well. And here is a guest post from her; Read on and enjoy! 

                                        Some tips on outfits selections for your Fall sessions

It’s the most colorful time of the year, leaves are changing, pumpkin spice lattes are brewing, and families are taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings to get some memorable autumn photos! Whether it’s a family photo to capture your precious little ones while they’re still little, an engagement shoot, or a fun session just because, these are going to be photos that you want to look back on for years to come. You want the photos to capture the spirit of your family, and your outfit choices should enhance that, not distract from it. I think that the fall colour palette is the most beautiful, and I’ll give you some tips to choose outfits that will help you make the most of your fall photos!


                                                    Coordinate, but don’t be matchy-matchy


Everyone in your family is unique, and the outfits and colours you choose should be a bit different too. Sometimes the tendency is to have everyone wear exactly the same colour, but then when you look back on the photos the matchy-matchy outfits will be what you notice, not how happy your family looks. A better option is to have a common colour splashed throughout in small doses.

Sometimes however it can still look too matchy if everyone wears exactly the same shade of a given colour. Ideally you want the photos to look natural, and how often does everyone in your family wear exactly the same colour?  

So, another option is to get everyone wearing a pop of colour in various autumn hues, like the ones shown above. My preference is to have everyone wearing mainly neutral colours like cream, beige, grey, or navy, and add a brighter colour to make it pop, and add some of your personality!


Most people don’t think of blue as an autumn colour, but blue and orange look fantastic together! Blue and yellow as well, and it’s likely your backdrop will feature these colours. So wearing some blue will make you really stand out against the leaves.





Here are some examples of neutral autumn colours mixed with some bolder ones, a combination of two or three of these will bring an outfit together really nicely, and each of your outfits will coordinate and work together rather than being conspicuously matchy. Just try it, any three of these colours will work together, no matter which three you choose!

One thing to keep in mind when taking photos is that pure, bright white tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Instead of white, choose softer colours like cream, or the shade called Trace of Grey shown above. It will go so much better with the other colours in your outfits, and keep the whole thing looking cohesive.

Layering our outfits in photos is a great way to get several looks without needing to do a lot of outfit changes. And adding different textures and fabrics can make a photo a lot more interesting. Ruffles, bows, corduroy, leather or tweed are some examples of textures you can layer into your outfits to make them a bit more dynamic. Or just throw on a cardigan and scarf and call it a day! You still want to be comfortable more than anything, or it will show in the photos.

Hopefully these tips helped you get a better idea of what you can wear to an autumn photo session! Just keep it simple and neutral for the most part, and add a bit of colour and texture to brighten it up. And make sure to be comfortable and have fun making memories.