So what exactly is the difference between lifestyle and documentary photography

Documentary  (think raw, unplugged, unscripted, unposed with no direction whatsoever - below) 

Photo-journalism and the concept of editorial photography has been there for a long time. While the trend of outdoor photography continued to rise for a long time now, another genre slowly started making its way through..Lifestyle photography and documentary photography.  

So what exactly does that mean? See below for some clarity.

Documenting your everyday life 

Let's just say, you are looking at those perfectly posed images with perfect smiles and shining teeth one day and you don't remember the story behind those images - because they all look the same! Were there happy tears before your session? Sad tears?  What about his silly faces? Don't we want to capture those images that tell us the complete picture? The true story and the memory that you really want to remember? What actually happened when you look at all the silliness in the photographs, does that remind you of how their childhood actually was? 

And that's exactly what documentary is all about. It is about capturing your 'A day in your life', doing what you generally do. It could be something like your family enjoys playing board games. Or swimming every Wednesday is your thing! Anything you do as a family together. That's the main intent. Documenting your daily life as is - raw and unplugged. 


Lifestyle sessions

Lifestyle sessions are a little 'directed', to try and bring out genuine smiles on your smiles! Let's think of chocolates, teddy bears, giggles, tickles or anything that I know will bring about a smile on your faces. These will be a little rehearsed (talked through, put in that place) posed to appear unposed.  

The BIG question - "But, my house is not too clean or pretty for pictures" 

That's the beauty of lifestyle photography - turning the ordinary into extra-ordinary. You will be surprised to know how beautiful your home and life can be when viewed through a photographer's eye. The artistic way approach of capturing those perfectly imperfect moments that you will treasure for many years to come; is what it is all about. 

My approach - Documenting your posed and unposed moments - Documentary Photography and Lifestyle Photography 

As a photographer, I promised myself to stay motivated, be creative and come up with ways to make this journey of documenting memories a fun experience. If there are certain 'images' you are trying to recreate, your vision, or a goal you have for your session - please let me know. We will try our best to recreate that as much as we can. While I admire some clients coming up with certain pinterest poses and although those are fantastic, my goal is to photograph the authentic 'YOU'.

So, if you are that person who would like to try out - a lifestyle session, a documentary session; or a fusion /hybrid approach to them while still bringing out the best in your emotions when you look back at these images, give me a call! I promise to make your experience a memorable one :)

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