A month of togetherness

December is always a special month for us. It's my little one's (who's not so little anymore!) birthday as well as the obvious Christmas celebrations and family gatherings. The month of December is almost come to a close and so is this year. Beginning of the year, most of us like to reflect upon the past year and see what we can do better for the upcoming year..make resolutions, come up with new ideas to do new things, maybe same things a little different..?

We loved how we spent our December. It was filled with togetherness, sitting together with the family, going to the park (we live in a warmer climate), and lots of laughter. This coming year I am hoping to not pressure myself to anything in particular, but simply be in the moment and enjoy. Try to be in the frame more with the kids, laugh with them, go to the park with them, movies with them, take a moment to even keep the camera away and jump on the trampoline with them...!

Happy new year to each and everyone of my friends! May the upcoming year be filled with fun, laughter and lots of smiles!

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